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by Roman Levy

IMG_9926 2.jpg

"Starting with a very cubic seat, I thought over the weeks asking myself the question "what would make this chair attractive in the industry?

Roman, a student at the Camondo School - Paris in interior architecture and design, conceptualized a low-cost chair with a minimum of materials.

The objective was to create a chair that could be assembled and disassembled by anyone without glue or screws.

Thus, made of 3 panels, this chair fits perfectly together to reveal a very comfortable seat, despite its rigid appearance.

The final objective was to make a simple and elegant seat with quality materials and a refined finish. "For this project I was inspired by the work of Rolf Sachs, especially his 1993 Prototype Original chair ~ a minimal universe in which basic geometric forms are diverted.” Roman Levy

IMG_9926 2.jpg
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