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About Symbio 

Symbio was founded with a clear vision: to merge beauty with technological innovation through the concept of symbiosis. Symbiosis, defined as the association of two or more dissimilar organisms, inspired us to create a design lab where upcoming designers can produce works with a unique creative identity and ingenious technical knowledge. Our goal is to develop lifestyle products and visual stories that combine utility and luxury, all while maintaining environmental sustainability and competitiveness through limited edition production.

We aim to support designers by providing what they lack, whether it be commercial strategy, technology, or financial means. Symbio will utilize social media and the physical industry to promote the activity of our artists and galleries, following different strategies and combining technical and social knowledge. Our designers will receive valuable face-to-face time with experienced professionals specializing in handcrafted furniture, 3D modeling, or industrial manufacturing.

Beyond aesthetic concerns, our label centers around new technologies. We seek to represent each designer's individuality by providing an immersive digital experience linked to each work through secure NFC chips included within each piece. These pieces will be encrypted on the blockchain, providing proof of authenticity. We have partnered with Arteia, an innovative Belgian startup, to provide this service through the "Symbio NFC Authentication" app available on the AppleStore.

While we are passionate about new creative opportunities, we recognize the negative environmental effects of overproduction. That's why we have made a commitment to producing limited edition pieces and maintaining a long-term aesthetic vision. Our focus is on creating a robust ecosystem for our designers and institutional partners, centered around sharing knowledge and a common passion for beauty.

Our founder, Simon, is studying Applied Sciences at University College London, with a particular focus on the existing and future relationships between cognitive processes, behavioral studies, and technology. His passion for creativity and aesthetic has become intertwined with technology, leading him to realize that the most innovative solutions for the creative industry involve an understanding of human psychology and emotions.


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