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by Arne Desmet

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Henge takes inspiration from the ancient circular stone structures, of which the iconic ‘Stonehenge’ is the most famous one. The Henge bench translates these cues into a curved seat supported by 3 columns, placed at irregular angles. This imperfection and the weathered black gradient finish allude to the impermanence of matter over time.

Due to the modular design, 6 benches can take the shape of a circle or, when placed in a ribbon shape, they can form any desired composition.

Product dimensions: 44 x 108 x 79 cm | Materials: waxed aluminium | Price HT: 1483€

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TURBO photo shot 7.png

Disrupt Tables

The shapes of the Disrupt tables are inspired by the jagged edges formed by earth cracks. By means of irregular patterns, the object looks natural, as if it wasn’t created through an industrial process. This conceptual idea has been carried through in the form of the legs, which look as if they were torn apart after they once formed one whole.

The tables come in two versions, a low wide variant and a tall narrow version.

Product dimensions: 46 x 44 x 44 cm | Materials: galvanised steel | Price HT: 1276€

TURBO photo shot 7.png

Disrupt Shelves

The disrupt shelves are machined from aluminum sheets. The jagged edges suggest a natural origin, which juxtaposes with the industrial nature of the material.
The aluminum is finished with a matt sanded texture.

Product dimensions: 65 x 40 x 14 cm | Materials: alumunium | Price HT: 1276€

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