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Yvan Caillaud

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Driven by the desire to poetize the manufactured object by questioning the manufacturing processes, the studio has been interested in developing a luminous suspension for nearly a year and a half.

By its simple, strong and elementary lines, PREMISE generates several interpretations; branches for the one, bird flight for the other. It questions in this way the status of the object and leads to wonder about the notion of artifact. Can the broken branch become an object when the individual decides to see it as a sculpture, a suspension or a light? The appearance and the consideration made of an object are pointed out. PREMISE emphasizes a return to the simple, naive, primitive form and is interested in the rudimentary function of lighting. The opening effect depends on the thickness of the tubes used, the length of the notch and the force exerted at the time of bending. Thus, although bending is a controlled transformation process, the silhouette will be defined by natural reaction. In this way, variations in breakage are obtained, which are found when several pieces of wood are broken in succession. Essence, drying time, thickness and strength are all factors of transformation that PRÉMISSE wanted to translate into industry. Made in a classic aluminum tube, cut, bent and painted, PRÉMISSE has fun challenging industrial production to bring poetry and sensitivity to the manufactured object. Light sources placed on the edges of the lamp meet where the tube split. Beams extand the shape of the object including it with harmony to the location. Placed alones, in couple or in ballet of strange creatures inviting to the pleasure of lyric contemplation, fixed.

Product dimensions: 1200 x 300 x 30 cm | Materials: aluminium and LED | Price HT: 850/single€, Ballet(3): 1600€

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MONADE is a set of two wall mirrors.

Hypnotizing, the concentric curves of the aluminum tubes catch the eye in a frugal tête-à-tête in the heart of the mirror. Opening on intimacy, MONADE is integrated in the space as an architectural element, like a window towards oneself.

The mirror is fixed to the tubular structure by industrial glue. On the back, a sheet metal plate rigidifies the whole and allows the user to turn the mirror over. Thus, the large version of MONADE can be fixed in two different ways, according to the customer's wishes.

Product dimensions: 900 x 420, XL: 1500 x 500 cm | Materials: Tubular, Glass, Metal | Price HT: 2000€, (XL): 2500€

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PENATES is available in 4, 6 or 8 person configurations, as well as an outdoor version. With a narrow width of 700mm and accompanied by benches, PENATES invites to sit together, to keep the connection to each other. At the conception, the frame is obtained by a laser cutting of the tubes to avoid wasting any material during the manufacturing process. Mindful of the challenges of tomorrow, the table is designed to last, as evidenced by its thick 38mm top guaranteeing a longevity of use as an inter-generational furniture. It is an object that we keep, that remains. It advocates the unconditional values of durability and reliability that symbolize the family and the home. Sober and majestic, the PENATES table and its benches become the theater of family life.

Product dimensions: 70 x 240 x 75 cm | Materials: Powder coated steel, Massive Oak Price HT:
240 natural oak: 2700€, 240 natural oak black tinted2900€
190 natural oak: 2600€, 190 natural oak black tinted2800€
140 natural oak: 2500€, 140 natural oak black tinted2700€

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