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Arne Desmet 


Henge takes inspiration from the ancient circular stone structures, of which the iconic ‘Stonehenge’ is the most famous one.The Henge bench translates these cues into a curved seat supported by 3 columns, placed at irregular angles. This imperfection and the weathered black gradient finish allude to the impermanence of matter over time.

Due to the modular design, 6 benches can take the shape of a circle or, when placed in a ribbon shape, they can form any desired composition.

Disrupt Tables:


The shapes of the Disrupt tables are inspired by the jagged edges formed by earth cracks. By means of irregular patterns, the object looks natural, as if it wasn’t created through an industrial process. This conceptual idea has been carried through in the form of the legs, which look as if they were torn apart after they once formed one whole.

The tables come in two versions, a low wide variant and a tall narrow version.

Disrupt Shelves:


The disrupt shelves are machined from aluminum sheets. The jagged edges suggest a natural origin, which juxtaposes with the industrial nature of the material.

The aluminum is finished with a matt sanded texture.







Henri Canivez 

Data Stool:


The DATA stool encapsulates Henri Canivez talent for cutting edge design and his interest in translating data into physical objects.  Winner of the 2021 SIT Furniture Design Award, the stool is generated by a custom algorithm taking into account the weight and height of an individual’s lower body. Made in aluminum, nylon and glass, the algorithm automatically generates denser structures when needed for extra strength. The result is a different design every time, adapted to its owner. The structure of the stool is highly efficient, distributing the person’s mass at specific points in response to their own physique. DATA’s unconventional form embodies the tension between the industrial and the individual, the beautiful and the uncanny. An exclusive edition of 20 unique generated pieces is made with the label Symbio. Find the digital authenticity certificate directly scannable (via NFC) on the bottom of the stool with our App.







Roman Levy 

DIY Chair:


"Do It Yourself" reflects here a simple assembling process where the user can intuitively build the object without additional tools or materials (glue, nails, etc...).


We, Symbio developed a simple and elegant piece of furniture made of four pieces of stained and varnished multiplex wood with the designer. A unique steel hedge placed at the back allows the set of the whole thing up.


"Combining a brut aesthetic with an assembly simplified to the maximum, we aim to combine a timeless design with a strong narrative" Symbio


Stanislas Dieupart  

Turbo Lamp:


Limited to only 30 pieces, this collaboration illustrates a timeless and elegant industrial design. It includes our nano chips containing your certificate of authenticity and a way to observe an evolutive digital world behind the object. Inspired by aeronautical rotors made of bio-sourced, recyclable and recycled materials, the Turbo Lamp combines our love for adrenaline and speed with unique manufacturing techniques and material research.


Made by hand in the Parisian workshop of Stanislas Dieupart the Turbo lamp illustrates a unique craftsmanship know-how. Each edited piece will be available with the buyer's name laser customization and a digital certificate of authenticity [readable via secure NFC chips through our App developed in partnership with Arteia].


"Driven by our passion for product design and the search for THE solution, we have committed our passion to this piece, handmade, on order and specific to its purchaser". Stanislas Dieupart x Symbio


Thomas Delagarde   

Lat Light:


A luminous wooden strip illuminates your wall, creating a subdued atmosphere. Perfect to accompany a nap; this night light softens the atmosphere of your space. LAT Light comprises old bed base slats from hotel dismantling and artisanal fall. The light highlights the aesthetics of the wooden pieces and thus revalorizes these forgotten scraps. From darkness to light, the burnt wood's gradation symbolizes the wall lamp's glow and makes it unique for the Symbio x Thomas Delagarde Studio collaboration. Readable with our App "Symbio NFC Authentication", we find an NFC chip storing all the data concerning the object on the lamp.






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