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Frequent Asked Questions 

What is Symbio?


Symbio is a design label working with a network of product designers and brands to design, produce, and sells limited edition furniture, industrial products, and visual stories. All our curated projects came with a logic of utility and luxury with the final purpose of redefining the art of living. Thanks to our collaboration with Arteia, all our products came with secured NFC chips, which allow us to interact with our objects [via the App: Symbio NFC Authentication].


What is an NFC chip?


Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of communication protocols that enables communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm. This communication protocol is used in many fields, such as to make a payment transfer with our cell phones. NFC chips used by Symbio are secured and allow an exclusive interaction between our objects and our app. We retrieve the data from the blockchain and communicate about the related product, for example, designer narratives, product traceability, and edition number.


How do we select designers?


Symbio works with affirmed and emergent designers from different backgrounds. We focus on combining technical knowledge and a strong sense of aesthetics to create modern and timeless designs. Each product release comes with a logic to provide new foundations to the creative industry and open up possibilities for the design sector. We work on interior and product design with eco-friendly production methods.  


What is the purpose of digital authentication?


Digital authentication (on the blockchain) developed with secure NFC technology provide product traceability and a constant medium for building a relationship between Symbio and the object user. Digital certificates are directly generated when the object is created and prevent any tentative falsification if its secondary market value increases, which can probably happen on Symbio designs. In other words, with digital authentication, you can enjoy the permanent pleasure of reviewing your object's technical and cultural details and guarantee the security of your collectible investment.  


How do we achieve the design we produce?


Once dialogue begins between Symbio and a designer to collaborate, we initially look together at his past work and select pieces that we love. Once selected, we develop with the designer different potential reiterations by including sustainable criteria and our NFC technology. All our limited production is made in manufacturing facilities partners or part of the designer’s network.


Why are our designs limited?


Emergent and affirmed designers put at the forefront by Symbio illustrate a solid creative identity and actual craftsmanship know-how. All objects produced are developed in a short production circuit, and in order not to distort the quality of the technical knowledge, we tend to limit all our productions to one hundred pieces. Furthermore, designers working with Symbio have a growing reputation, and our design series represent a sustainable investment.

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