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DATA Stool by Henri Canivez 

Henri Canivez born in France started off studying design at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven and ECAL in Switzerland. He further developed his education as a furniture designer intern with Christopher Guy, followed by a collaboration as an industrial designer with Philippe Starck. Since September 2020, Henri has set up his design studio in Paris, focusing on furniture, industrial design, and architecture.


Becoming a designer was an evidence for Henri while growing up constructing and building objects, taking in the exterior world as an endless source of inspiration. Inspired by the likes of Joris Larman and Max Ramb, Henri has a fascination for generative design and the possibilities of using data-driven modeling software within the aesthetic realm. 

The DATA stool encapsulates Henri Canivez talent for cutting edge design and his interest in translating data into physical objects. Winner of the 2021 SIT Furniture Design Award, the stool is generated by a custom algorithm taking into account the weight and height of an individual’s lower body. Made in aluminum, nylon and glass, the algorithm automatically generates denser structures when needed for extra strength. The result is a different design every time, adapted to its owner. The structure of the stool is highly efficient, distributing the person’s mass at specific points in response to their own physique. DATA’s unconventional form embodies the tension between the industrial and the individual, the beautiful and the uncanny.

The final design is 3D printed in two versions:
one uses PLA bioplastic and the other is made
from aluminium, nylon and glass.

“This is about bringing the user back to the
origin of the creative process.” H.C.

Aluminum, Nylon, and Glass (Symbio Limited Edition with digital authentication: ltd to 20 pieces)  

PLA bioplastic is available on request.

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