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LAT Light by Thomas Delagarde 

French designer Thomas Delagarde studied interior architecture and design at the renowned Parisian Ecole Camondo and the Hong Kong Design Institue. Following years of experiences and practice, including internships with Ramy Fischler and Patrick Jouin, Thomas recenty set up his own design studio, with a focus on upcycling and eco-conception. His work sest up a reflection around the consumption of furniture, space, and ressources, both working with limited edition pieces and with industrial design.

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 16.12.28.png

Defining himself as a “Design technicien”, Thomas first got inspiration by walking around and finding objects left on the streets. From a young age he developed an interesting for understanding the technicality of the objects, how it was built and what it was made of. Due to our current situation, Thomas could not ignore the pressing issues of sustainability surrounding the consumption of goods, which is also why he found a refuge in upcycled materials. In a very duchampian manner, he finds an object and makes it something completely aesthetically different.

Eco-conscious, the LAT lamps came about from a reflection about materials that had a strong technical and aesthetic potential, and that could be upcycled in great quantities. Made from upcycled wooden bed slates, LAT 60 is a long slate attached to a wall. Due to the flexibility of the material, the work projects active shadows onto the wall, thereby creating a kynetic effect. Both utilitarian and beautiful, these are soon to become a stable for any household. 

LAT LIGHT (1).gif
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